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Hugh Davies

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Alan Vaughan

We would like to warmly encourage and welcome new members to the committee.  We are keen to attract new members to represent your community; we could do with toddlers, primary school children, teenagers!! Please feel free to contact us if you would like to join us or to create or promote your activity or interests to your wider community..!!


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With your help we can share your views and aspirations within your community for your community.  The blog can be used to share information on events, resources, clubs, local Parish and Council business, Village achievements, endeavour to capture collective bargaining and purchasing power, for example ‘oil’. Work towards improved neighbourhood watch schemes, campaign on road safety, and archive newsletters, useful contacts, and a ‘Village Welcome Pack’… all this as well as providing a conduit to essential links, see are link’ tab for facilities and local businesses.

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Why we need a Neighbourhood Plan..

Why we need a Neighbourhood Plan

Central Government’s National Policy Framework says local authorities need to look 15 years ahead and plan for their likely housing and employment requirements.   In connection with this the Parish Council had formally asked ABC  for Boughton Aluph and Eastwell to be  designated as a ‘Neighbourhood Area’, which when granted will allow us a greater say in planning decisions that affect our area.  The  Council has this application logged on their website to accept public comments before the cut off date in early May.  A sub-committee has been established by the Parish Council, which has members of our association on it,  which will work closely with other residents to try to ensure that local views and opinions are adequately reflected in relation to necessary future developments whilst retaining the character of the area.  


The Kentish Express for the week ending 11th April published lists of submissions received so far from local landowners.  Whilst these are expressions of interest only, and perhaps many will not progress further to a planning stage, there are some that have the potential to impact directly or indirectly on this area.  The proposals for parts of Kennington, Sandyhurst Lane and Westwell have substantial numbers of houses and if only a few get the go ahead the could cause a significant increased in pressures on roads, water supply, schools and medical facilities.


We will shortly be circulating a questionnaire asking residents what they like about living in Boughton Aluph and Eastwell and what they feel about future developments.  This will provide a vital opportunity to engage with the process that will which form part of Ashford’s plans up to 2030,  ensuring that the views of both the rural and urban parts of the borough are taken into account, we urge you to get involved.   Some development has to occur but it needs to be appropriate.

Secretary BA&ERA


Has anyone used Ketso…???Its been used to successfully & positively engage communities during planning processes.. If you know of any ‘process’ which might help us engage.. please post directly.

The hands-on kit for creative engagement

What is Ketso?

Ketso means ‘action’ in Lesotho, where it was invented. It has been refined over two decades of action research with communities across the globe. With Ketso, everyone can participate and be more creative…

Ketso is great for both team meetings and for engaging with stakeholders. It can be used for creative thinking, teaching and learning, exploring new ideas, developing options, creating action plans and gathering feedback.

As well as over 60 Universities worldwide, customers include: Merseycare NHS; Peak District National Park, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Portsmouth County Council; Peak District National Park; The Equality Network; GroundWork; The IONA Community; Nottingham Building Society, United Utilities; Wuppertal Institute and the National Crafts Council of Bangladesh.

In addition to work with larger groups, Ketso has been used in small teams and individual work. Examples of Ketso in use with smaller groups include: team development and project planning, counselling sessions, tutoring, developing websites and brainstorming structures for books and articles.

We have some amazing opportunities in front of us..lets cease them to make our community a place to live inclusive lives…


posted by Caroline Archer

My Community Rights – The local area is in your hands!

My Community Rights

The local area is in your hands!

The My Community Rights website is free advice service run by Locality helps communities to use the Community Rights.


This is a really useful site it will help anyone trying the understand the opportunities we now have to make a positive contribution to our community…

Posted by: Caroline Archer

Wye School Part-Time Teacher of Mathematics

Re: Part-Time Teacher of Mathematics


Please see below our need for a part time teacher of mathematics for after the East holidays.


Part-Time Teacher of Mathematics

Wye School is looking for a part-time teacher of mathematics, to teach one morning a week, from the start of the summer term, until the end of the academic year, 2013-14. The post will entail teaching Year 7 in four sets, across the ability range. 

Wye School is a free school which opened in September 2013 with Year 7 entry only. We favour a creative approach to curriculum delivery and in mathematics, the emphasis is on interactivity and making links with the real world.  This would suit someone who is balancing teaching with other responsibilities or another part-time post, or someone recently retired who misses the chalk face.


If you are interested in this post, or know someone who might be, please contact Kerry.ward@wyeschool.org.uk for an application form.  



Ms Jan Naylor



MEETING The Neighbourhood Planning Committee Wednesday 26th February 2014 at 7.30pm

To be held at Sandyacres Sports and Social Centre on Sandyhurst Lane Wednesday 26th February 7.30pm All residents welcome.

An opportunity for all residents to find out what Neighbourhood Planning means to you and how you can influence the Ashford Borough Council Local Plan, which is currently being prepared.

ABC currently have planning permissions for 11000 houses up to 2030 and land owners and developers have submitted suggestions for sites with another potential 20000 properties. ABC are in the early stages of considering if any of these sites are suitable to be included in the Local Plan.

This is an opportunity for all residents to feed back to the Borough Council, how you wish Ashford to be developed, bearing in mind current traffic constraints, capacity at the local hospital, concerns over building and the impact it has on the run off of surface water, and the availability of local jobs.

The Parish Council is endeavoring to produce a Neighbourhood Plan to involve our residents in planning where and how much development takes place in the Parish. Please take time to come along and be involved in something which will shape the future of your town over the next 16 years.



To be held at

Sandyacres Sports and Social Centre, Sandyhurst Lane TN25 4NT

On Wednesday 26th February 2014 at 7.30pm




  1.    Introduction and Welcome by the Deputy Chairman Alan Vaughan.
  2.    Statement by the Parish Chairman Jason Matthews.
  3.    Presentation by Simon Coles from Ashford Borough Council on the role that ABC will play in the process of creating and      delivering a Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Plan for Boughton Aluph and Eastwell.
  4.   Presentation by Winston Michael from a Resident’s perspective.
  5.   Questions.

This is an important opportunity to inform ourselves and improve our understanding of the road ahead following the decision by The Parish Council  on 17th February to initiate the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan.

Members of the public welcome.


Contact: Alan Vaughan, lorvat@googlemail.com 

Post By Caroline Archer




  7.00 p.m on Tuesday February 11th 2014 in the Iron Room – Boughton Lees


Village Quirks – The face in the wall

Can anyone help? While on my walks around the village I have noticed an unusual brick in the Boughton Aluph Wall (one of the longest walls in Britain built by a father and son) in front of Middleton Cottages, which has been carved into a face. To find the ‘face in the wall’ start by facing the Iron Room and then walk towards St Christopher’s church. The face is a little way along. 
When was it built into the wall, by whom and what is its significance? I would love to know! Please send me any information you have for inclusion in a future Parish Magazine.
Ann S Hardie

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