♫♪Village Choir Come and join in ♪♫ 14th October 7.30pm

Village Choir Come and join in ♪♫

Monday 14th October 7.30pm – 9.00pm Flying Horse – Pegasus Bar

The Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Residents Association wish by popular demand to revive the once infamous Village Choir..!!


The first ‘gathering’ will be on Monday 14th   October – there are no auditions, no previous experience is required… everyone is welcome..!

The aim is simply to gather as a village and sing, subject to the consensus and numbers this will culminate in a village Christmas Carol singing evening – this may take the form of house to house calling ending in the Pub, or we may agree to a static external meeting point, possible on the Green around a well-lit and decorated tree or pavilion, mulled wine and candles etc once again withdrawing to the warmth of a roasting log fire in the Pub..

PRACTICE AND REHARSALS: Monday evenings, only 10 rehearsal’s no need to make them all.  Paul has kindly offered us the Pegasus Bar, (the back bar at the Flying Horse) as they do not serve food on Mondays, thank you to Paul for this venue.



Please join us, with your help this could be an annual event…. Do you remember the Nativity Productions organized by Cannon Neal..? Any questions or to keep up-to-date with the rehearsals & review songs sheets etc follow the residence blog- http://boughtonaluphandeastwellresidentsassociation.com  click the black box “+ FOLLOW”  enter your email address and submit, you will then be automatically sent Village updates

Ein Grühweinhofen

Ein Grühweinhofen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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