As you are probably aware, the Parish Council decided at its November 11th meeting to set up a Committee with a view to liaising with Ashford Borough Council on the creation of the Local Plan which will attempt to try to set parameters for development within the Borough up until 2030.

This Committee is Chaired by Derek Anthony (I will be his Deputy) and is comprised of over two dozen volunteers from all over the parish who will be working together in smaller groups (5 in total plus the Parish Clerk, Martin Hopkins) each one covering a particular geographical area of the Parish.

One of the ambitions of the Committee is to make contact with and seek the opinions of every Resident in the Parish with regard to the draft proposals which are beginning to feed out to us from Ashford Borough Council.

If you live in Pilgrims Way or Wye Road you will be covered by Neighbourhood Planning Committee Group 5 which is comprised of Caroline Archer (who will report to the Chairman), Elspeth Watt, Rita Hawes, Gordon Ashley, Matthew Girt and myself (Alan Vaughan).

Because we initially have a time frame of just a few short weeks we will be contacting you again in the very near future to advise you as best we can about draft proposals coming from Ashford Borough Council, and to seek your opinion. This is a marvellous opportunity for everyone to have their say and to be involved in the shape of the Parish of the future and we welcome you to join in.

In the meantime you can (possibly) find out more at the Community Carol Singing at the Cricket Pavilion this Sunday at 4pm……….

Looking forward to seeing you!

Best Regards,


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