MEETING The Neighbourhood Planning Committee Wednesday 26th February 2014 at 7.30pm

To be held at Sandyacres Sports and Social Centre on Sandyhurst Lane Wednesday 26th February 7.30pm All residents welcome.

An opportunity for all residents to find out what Neighbourhood Planning means to you and how you can influence the Ashford Borough Council Local Plan, which is currently being prepared.

ABC currently have planning permissions for 11000 houses up to 2030 and land owners and developers have submitted suggestions for sites with another potential 20000 properties. ABC are in the early stages of considering if any of these sites are suitable to be included in the Local Plan.

This is an opportunity for all residents to feed back to the Borough Council, how you wish Ashford to be developed, bearing in mind current traffic constraints, capacity at the local hospital, concerns over building and the impact it has on the run off of surface water, and the availability of local jobs.

The Parish Council is endeavoring to produce a Neighbourhood Plan to involve our residents in planning where and how much development takes place in the Parish. Please take time to come along and be involved in something which will shape the future of your town over the next 16 years.



To be held at

Sandyacres Sports and Social Centre, Sandyhurst Lane TN25 4NT

On Wednesday 26th February 2014 at 7.30pm




  1.    Introduction and Welcome by the Deputy Chairman Alan Vaughan.
  2.    Statement by the Parish Chairman Jason Matthews.
  3.    Presentation by Simon Coles from Ashford Borough Council on the role that ABC will play in the process of creating and      delivering a Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Plan for Boughton Aluph and Eastwell.
  4.   Presentation by Winston Michael from a Resident’s perspective.
  5.   Questions.

This is an important opportunity to inform ourselves and improve our understanding of the road ahead following the decision by The Parish Council  on 17th February to initiate the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan.

Members of the public welcome.


Contact: Alan Vaughan, 

Post By Caroline Archer


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