Has anyone used Ketso…???Its been used to successfully & positively engage communities during planning processes.. If you know of any ‘process’ which might help us engage.. please post directly.

The hands-on kit for creative engagement

What is Ketso?

Ketso means ‘action’ in Lesotho, where it was invented. It has been refined over two decades of action research with communities across the globe. With Ketso, everyone can participate and be more creative…

Ketso is great for both team meetings and for engaging with stakeholders. It can be used for creative thinking, teaching and learning, exploring new ideas, developing options, creating action plans and gathering feedback.

As well as over 60 Universities worldwide, customers include: Merseycare NHS; Peak District National Park, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Portsmouth County Council; Peak District National Park; The Equality Network; GroundWork; The IONA Community; Nottingham Building Society, United Utilities; Wuppertal Institute and the National Crafts Council of Bangladesh.

In addition to work with larger groups, Ketso has been used in small teams and individual work. Examples of Ketso in use with smaller groups include: team development and project planning, counselling sessions, tutoring, developing websites and brainstorming structures for books and articles.

We have some amazing opportunities in front of us..lets cease them to make our community a place to live inclusive lives…


posted by Caroline Archer

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