Cricket Club: New Facilities Planned !!

Cricket Pav Residents Flyer

We at Boughton & Eastwell Cricket Club would cordially like to invite you, the residents of Boughton Aluph and Eastwell,

to join us in the Iron Room at 7.30 p.m. on Friday 7th April 2017

to hear of our proposal to replace the existing dilapidated pavilion on

The Green at Boughton Lees.


We shall provide full details of the reasons why it is necessary to update the facilities currently provided to our members and the community and at the same time we will explain how we are planning to replace the existing building with a new structure which we feel would not only provide a significantly improved local facility for the community but will also add to the beauty of The Green.


During the course of the evening we shall cover the following topics:-


Why is the current pavilion not suitable?


Can the current pavilion be upgraded?


What will a new building bring?


How will the proposed building improve the look of The Green?


Where will the new pavilion be sited?


We would very much like to involve the residents of the village at this early stage and hope you will be able to come along and join in the discussions with your thoughts and we will also be glad to respond to any questions you may like to raise.


We are confident that our proposal will provide a modern visually attractive facility for the club and the village that is both fit for purpose whilst encouraging children and adults alike to want to participate in cricket on The Green for another 200 years, and we would very much welcome your input and support in achieving our objective and being part of this exciting new chapter for the club and village.

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